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You are here: Home » Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd » Punjab » Jalandhar Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd District wise Branch list in Jalandhar District of Punjab State, As on Mar 6, 2018 there are 46 neft, rtgs, enabled computerized Capital Small Finance Bank Ltd Branches in Jalandhar District
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  IFSC   MICR   Branch City District State
CLBL0000002 144545604 Samrai Samrai Jalandhar Punjab
Near Bus Stand, V. & P.O. Samrai-144032, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000020 144545605 Bilga Bilga Jalandhar Punjab
Near Patti Nelowal Chowk, V.&P.O. Bilga-144036, Tehsil Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000024 144545454 Rurka Kalan Rourka Kalan Jalandhar Punjab
Near Bus Stand, Goraya Road, V.P.O. Rurka Kalan-144031, Tehsil Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000018 144545852 Shahkot Shahkot Jalandhar Punjab
Moga Road, Near Grain Market, Shahkot-144702, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000017 144545603 Jandiala Jundiala Jalandhar Punjab
Near Bus Stand, Jalandhar Road, V. &P.O. Jandiala - 144031, Tehsil Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000015 144545903 Lohian Lohian Khas Jalandhar Punjab
Main Road, Lohian-144629, Tehsil Shahkot, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000014 144545977 Bhogpur Bhogpur Jalandhar Punjab
G.T. Road, Bhogpur -144201, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000012 144545453 Rurki Rourka Kalan Jalandhar Punjab
Main Chowk, V. & P.O. Rurki-141305, Tehsil Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000006 144545404 Mehatpur Mahatpur Jalandhar Punjab
Main Road, Near Bus Stand, Mehatpur-144041, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000008 144545853 Malsian Malsian Jalandhar Punjab
Shahkot Road, Near Bus Stand, Malsian - 144701, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000009 144545452 Goraya Goraya Jalandhar Punjab
G.T. Road, Goraya-144409, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000010 144545602 Nurmahal Nurmahal Jalandhar Punjab
Main Road, Nurmahal - 144039, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000011 144545403 Shankar Shanker Jalandhar Punjab
Near Bus Stand, V. & P.O. Shankar - 144042, Tehsil Nakodar, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000013 144545002 Jalandhar Jalandhar Jalandhar Punjab
36, G.T. Road, Jalandhar-144001
CLBL0000025 144545003 Jalandhr Jalandhar Jalandhar Punjab
143, Vijay Nagar, Nr. Football Chowk, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar.
CLBL0000999 144545402 Nakodar Nakodar Jalandhar Punjab
Nurmahal Road, Nakodar-144040, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000001 NA Head Office-Jalandhar Jalandhar Jalandhar Punjab
Midas Corporate Park, 3rd Floor, 37, G.T. Road, Jalandhar
CLBL0000026 144545502 Phillaur Phillaur Jalandhar Punjab
Prithvi Tower’, Near Bus Stand, G.T. Road, Phillaur-144410, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000027 144545552 Adampur Adampur Jalandhar Punjab
Main Road, Adampur-144103, Distt. Jalandhar
CLBL0000032 144545004 Jamsher Jamsher Jalandhar Punjab
Jalandhar Cantt Road, V. & P.O. Jamsher - 144020
CLBL0000033 144545802 Kartarpur Kartarpur Jalandhar Punjab
G.T. Road, Kartarpur-144801
CLBL0000039 144545005 Capital Local Area Bank Ltd-Lambra Lambra Jalandhar Punjab
Capital Local Area Bank Ltd, Nakodar Road,Lambra
CLBL0000042 144545854 Capital Local Area Bank Ltd.-Parjian Parjian Jalandhar Punjab
Capital Local Area Bank Ltd, Mehatpur - Shahkot Road, Parjian - 144041, Tehsil Nakodar
CLBL0000046 NA Capital Local Area Bank-Uggi Uggi Jalandhar Punjab
Capital Local Area Bank,Kapurthala-Nakodar Road,Tehsil Nakodar
CLBL0000048 NA Model Town Jalandhar Jalandhar Punjab
504-R Model Town,Distt Jalandhar,Punjab-144001
CLBL0000051 144545905 Nawanpind Donewal Shahkot Jalandhar Punjab
Village & Po Nawanpind Donewal Tehsil Shahkot
CLBL0000052 144545855 Poonia Shahkot Jalandhar Punjab
Village & Po Poonia Tehsil Shahkot
CLBL0000053 144545856 Seechewal Shahkot Jalandhar Punjab
Village Seechewal Po Chak Chela, Tehsil Shahkot
CLBL0000054 144545857 Kangna Nakodar Jalandhar Punjab
Village & Po Kangna, Tehsil Nakodar
CLBL0000055 144545606 Kandola Kalan Phillaur Jalandhar Punjab
Village & Po Kandola Kalan, Tehsil Phillaur
CLBL0000056 144545607 Dhaliwal Nakodar Jalandhar Punjab
Village & Po Dhaliwal, Tehsil Nakodar
CLBL0000057 144545406 Boparai Kalan Nakodar Jalandhar Punjab
Village & Po Boparai Kalan, Tehsil Nakodar
CLBL0000058 144545610 Powadra Powadra Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Powadra,Tehsil Phillaur Pin Code -144036
CLBL0000059 144545858 Talwandi Sanghera Talwandi Sanghera Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Talwandi Sanghera-144703 ,Tehsil Shahkot
CLBL0000064 144545409 Tahli Tahli Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Tahli, Tehsil Nakodar, Pin-144043
CLBL0000079 144545611 Fatehpur Fatehpur Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Fatehpur, Tehsil Phillaur, District Jalandhar, Pincode-144039
CLBL0000076 144545007 Near Pathankot Bye Pass Chowk-Jalandhar Jalandhar Jalandhar Punjab
Creative Park, New Gobind Nagar, Gt Road Bye Pass Jalandhar-144004
CLBL0000073 144545410 Tut Kalan Tut Kalan Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Tut Kalan, Tehsil Nakodar, District Jalandhar Pincode 144040
CLBL0000072 144545609 Pharwala Pharwala Jalandhar Punjab
V&Po Pharwala, Tehsil Phillaur, District Jalandhar, Pin-144037
CLBL0000070 144545859 Khanpur Dhadda Khanpur Dhadda Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Khanpur Dhadda, Tehsil Nakodar, Pin-144701
CLBL0000067 144545608 Uppal Jagir Uppal Jagir Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Uppal Jagir, Tehsil Phillaur, Pin-144039
CLBL0000065 144545408 Bajuha Khurd Bajuha Khurd Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Bajuha Khurd, Tehsil Nakodar, Pin-144033
CLBL0000063 144545407 Mudh Nakodar Jalandhar Punjab
Vpo Mudh, Tehsil Nakodar Pin-144030
CLBL0000087 144545008 Rehmanpur Rehmanpur Jalandhar Punjab
Rehmanpur, Po Kukar Pind - 144024
CLBL0000091 144545009 Salarpur Salarpur Jalandhar Punjab
Village Salarpur, P.O Raipur, District Jalandhar - 144402
CLBL0000094 144545612 Daduwal Daduwal Jalandhar Punjab
Capital Small Finance Bank, V&Po Daduwal Tehsil Phillaur Pin - 144032
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