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You are here: Home » State Bank of India (SBI) » Bihar » Patna State Bank of India (SBI) District wise Branch list in Patna District of Bihar State, As on Mar 6, 2018 there are 168 neft, rtgs, enabled computerized State Bank of India (SBI) Branches in Patna District
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  IFSC   MICR   Branch City District State
SBIN0000026 803002102 Barh Barh Patna Bihar
Patna Bihar 803213
SBIN0000135 803002701 Mokama Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna, Bihar 803302
SBIN0000152 800002045 Patna Main Patna Patna Bihar
West Of Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800001
SBIN0000153 800002036 Patna Sectt Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna Bihar 800015
SBIN0001215 800002009 Bseb Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Fraser Road West Of Air Stn Patna, Bihar 800017
SBIN0001217 800002501 Bihta Bihta Patna Bihar
Dist Patna Bihar 801100
SBIN0001233 800002022 Judges Court Rd Patna Patna Bihar
Judges Court Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001
SBIN0001234 800002019 Hajiganj Patna Patna Bihar
Patna,State Bihar,Pin 800008
SBIN0001254 800002014 Danapur Danapur Patna Bihar
Dist Patna Bihar 801503
SBIN0001389 800002024 Kankarbagh Patna Patna Bihar
P.O.-Kankerbagh, Patna, Bihar
SBIN0001423 800002034 Patna City Patna Patna Bihar
Chamdoria House Patna Pin 800008
SBIN0001435 800002008 Boring Road Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna, Bihar 800001
SBIN0001496 800002018 Gulzarbagh Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna Bihar 800007
SBIN0001511 800002029 Mithapur Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna State Bihar Pin 800001
SBIN0001513 800002033 Patliputra Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna Bihar 800013
SBIN0001561 800002023 Kadamkuan Patna Patna Bihar
Shashi Place, Nala Road Kadamkuan Patna, Bihar 800004
SBIN0001662 800002040 Rajendra Nagar Patna Patna Bihar
Rajendra Nagar Patna Bihar
SBIN0002908 800002502 Bakhtiyarpur Bakhtiyarpur Patna Bihar
Dist Patna, Bihar 845101
SBIN0002955 846002007 Ksdsu Campus Darbhanga Patna Bihar
SBIN0003113 800002011 Chauhatta Patna Patna Bihar
Ashok Raj Path,Patna,Patna Patna,Bihar 800001
SBIN0003114 800002043 Shrikrishna Puri Patna Patna Bihar
Sri Krishnapuri, Patna, Bihar,800001
SBIN0003115 800002039 Rajabanshi Nagar Patna Patna Bihar
Rajbanshi Nagar, Road No.1, Patna ,Bihar, Pin 800015
SBIN0003129 800002028 Mahendru Patna Patna Bihar
Patna Ashok Rajpath Patna Patna,Bihar 800001
SBIN0003328 800002027 Marufganj Patna Patna Bihar
Patna, Bihar, Pin 800008
SBIN0003454 800002037 Rajapur Patna Patna Bihar
Patna, Bihar
SBIN0003475 800002015 Exhibition Road Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna Bihar 800001
SBIN0003476 800002016 Fraser Road Patna Patna Bihar
Shahi Complex, 1st Floor,New Dakbunglow Road,Patnapatna, Bihar ,Pin-800001
SBIN0003477 800002032 New Market-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Budha Margpatnapatna, Bihar ,Pin-800001
SBIN0003500 800002026 Kurji-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Patna,Industrial Estate Roadpatna, Bihar ,Pin-800010
SBIN0003518 800002017 Gardanibagh Patna Patna Bihar
Patna Bihar
SBIN0003559 800002012 Digha Patna Patna Bihar
P.O.-Bataganj, Patna, Bihar 800 012
SBIN0003560 800002042 Srikrishnanagar-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Shrikrishnanagarm-6shrikrishnanagar Main Roadpatna ,Pin-800001
SBIN0003561 800002007 Bhikhnapahari-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Bhikhanapahari,Patna,Bihar,Pin 800006
SBIN0003564 800002025 Kankarbagh Residential Colony Patna Patna Bihar
Tempo Stand Kankar Bagh Patna Bihar 800020
SBIN0003978 800002998 Oad-Lho-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
SBIN0004068 800002999 Fslo Patna Patna Patna Bihar
SBIN0004070 800002048 Spb Branch Patna Patna Patna Bihar
West Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar
SBIN0004142 800002050 Pbb Patna Patna Patna Bihar
S.K.Puri,Boring Road,6b,Sahadeo Mehta Marg,Patna, Bihar ,Pin-800001
SBIN0004232 800002052 Scb-Dakbunglow-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Spld Comm Br, patna3rd Floor, Govind Bhawan, Dakbunglow Rdpatna ,Pin-800001
SBIN0004386 800002053 Ssi Patna Patna Patna Bihar
3rd Floor Abhishek Plaza, Exhibition Road, Patna, Bihar, Pin 800001
SBIN0004443 812002054 Rarb Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Sbi Patna Main Branch Gandhi Maidan
SBIN0004445 800002054 Pbb Kankarbagh-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
H-29 Doctors Colony, Kankarbagh,Patna ,Bihar ,Pin - 800020
SBIN0004476 800002777 Cppc Patna Patna Patna Bihar
301, Abhishek Plaza, Exhibition Road, Distt. Patna, Bihar 834 001
SBIN0004493 800002056 Racpc Patna Patna Patna Bihar
5th Floor Zonal Office Bldg J C Road Patna 800001
SBIN0004576 800002044 Khagaul Patna Patna Bihar
Dt Patna, Bihar Pin 801 105
SBIN0004708 800002504 Masaurhi Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patnastate Biharpin 804452
SBIN0004922 803002103 Adb Barh Barh Patna Bihar
SBIN0005176 800002055 Sarc Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Sarc Patna
SBIN0005331 800002031 Nmcc Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Nalanda Medical College Campus, Patna, Bihar, Pin - 800020
SBIN0005784 800002505 Athmalgola Athmalgola Patna Bihar
SBIN0005903 800002506 Khusrupur Patna Patna Bihar
SBIN0006358 800002507 Amy Fatwah Fatwah Patna Bihar
Govindpur Kurtha, Fatwah, Dt Patna, Bihar 803201
SBIN0006359 800002508 Amy Bihta Amy Bihta Patna Bihar
Dist Patna, Bihar 801103
SBIN0006377 800002509 Akhtiyarpur Akhtiyarpur Patna Bihar
Dist Patna,Bihar 848111
SBIN0006378 800002510 Arap Arap Patna Bihar
SBIN0006379 800002006 Bailey Road Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patna, Bihar 800015
SBIN0006380 800002511 Bankaghat Bankaghat Patna Bihar
Pokachchi Dargah,Distt Patna,Bihar 803201
SBIN0006381 800002512 Lai Lai Patna Bihar
SBIN0006382 800002513 Nagwa Nagwa Patna Bihar
Dist Patna,Bihar 801109
SBIN0006383 804002451 Sai Patna Patna Bihar
Pohazarat Sai,Dt Patna,Bihar 804451
SBIN0006384 800002515 Saray Saray Patna Bihar
SBIN0006540 800002046 Ifb Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Narain House, Nageshwar Colony, Boring Road Patna ,Pin - 800001
SBIN0006551 800002047 Boring Canal Road-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
East Boring Canal Road Patna, Bihar ,Pin - 800001
SBIN0006612 803002702 Aunta Mokama Ghat Patna Bihar
P O Mokameha Ghat
SBIN0006732 800002099 Zonal Office Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Dist Patnastate Biharpin 800001
SBIN0006917 800002038 Raj Bhawan-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Rajbhawan Campus, Rajbhwan, Patna, Bihar ,Pin - 800022
SBIN0007116 800002516 Paliganj Paliganj Patna Bihar
Dist Patna, Bihar 801110
SBIN0007506 800002030 Maurya Lok Complex Patna Patna Bihar
Dak Bungalow Road, Patna, Bihar State, Pin 800 001
SBIN0007877 800002013 Dariyapur Gola Patna Patna Bihar
SBIN0007878 800002003 Agamkuan Patna Patna Bihar
Bihar, Pin - 8000007
SBIN0007879 800002051 Amy-Katra Bazar Patna Patna Bihar
SBIN0007945 800002021 Igims Patna Patna Bihar
Sheikhapur Bagicha, P.O.B V College, Patna ,Pin - 800014
SBIN0008129 800002517 Alipur Nisarpura Patna Bihar
SBIN0008130 800002518 Bhaiswan Bhaiswan Patna Bihar
Dist Patna,Bihar
SBIN0008131 800002519 Sarasat Sarasat Patna Bihar
SBIN0008386 800002520 Doman Doman Patna Bihar
Dist Patna,Bihar
SBIN0008395 800002521 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Patna Bihar
Dist Patna,Bihar
SBIN0008473 800002522 Sonmai Sonmai Patna Bihar
Dist Patna,Bihar
SBIN0009002 800002004 Anandpuri Patna Patna Bihar
West Boring Canal Road,Patna,Bihar,Pin 800001
SBIN0009003 800002002 Anisabad-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Patnabiharpatna, Bihar , Pin - 800002
SBIN0009004 800002005 Ashiana Nagar Patna Patna Bihar
Patnaphase-1patna, Bihar , Pin - 800025
SBIN0009005 800002020 Hanuman Nagar Patna Patna Bihar
Shanker Market Patna Bihar
SBIN0009006 800002010 Bihar Veterinary College Complex Patna Patna Bihar
Phulwari Sharif T. Patna Bihar 801505
SBIN0009282 800002098 Zonal Inspection Office-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
5th Floor,Sone Bhawan,Birchand Patel Path,Patna
SBIN0009600 800002049 Cb Patliputra Patna Patna Bihar
7 , Patliputra Colony ,Patnabihar , Pin - 800013
SBIN0009933 800002001 Service Branch Patna Patna Patna Bihar
West Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar 800001
SBIN0010024 800002057 Smecc Patna (New Branch) Patna Patna Bihar
4th Floor Zonal Office Judge Road Patna
SBIN0010085 803002104 Ntpc Campus-Barh Barh Patna Bihar
Stp Project Po- Barh Patna District
SBIN0010341 211002053 Red Eagle Canteen-Allahabad Allahabad Patna Bihar
82 By 63 Rai Ram Charan Das Road Balrampur House Allahabad
SBIN0010354 800002067 Bahadurpur Bahadurpur Patna Bihar
Po Bahadurpur Patna
SBIN0010396 800002061 Danapur Cantonement Patna Patna Bihar
Danapur Cantonement, Danapur, Dist Patna 801503
SBIN0010397 800002062 Rajiv Nagar Patna Patna Bihar
Rajiv Nagar Main Road Patna 800024
SBIN0010404 800002059 J.D.Womens College-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
J D Women S College, Patna 800023
SBIN0010408 800002058 Ccpc-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Patna Bihar
SBIN0011675 800002065 Saguna Patna Patna Bihar
Rps More West Of Bailey Road,Podanapur Cantt,distpatna801503
SBIN0011806 802002608 Garhani Garhani Patna Bihar
Garhani,At Garhani,Po Garhani,Distpatna 802203
SBIN0011807 823002509 Tekari Tekari Patna Bihar
Tekari Gaya,P.O.Tekari,Distt.Gaya,Distpatna 824236
SBIN0012579 800002068 Govind Mitra Road-Patna Patna Patna Bihar
Jai Market Opp Canara Bank,Govind Mitra Road,Patna,Distpatna 800001
SBIN0012580 803002507 Sabnima Sabnima Patna Bihar
Sabnima,C By O Bablu Kumar,S By O Late Smt Malti Devi,Sabnima,Distpatna 803212
SBIN0012581 NA Pandarak Pandarak Patna Bihar
H/O Prem Sharan Sharma,S/O Late Gopal Sharan Sharma,Pandarak, Dist:Patna-803213
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