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As on Mar 6, 2018 there are 239 NEFT, RTGS, enabled computerized bank branches in Thrissur District, Kerala State
  IFSC   MICR   Branch City District State
ICIC0000180 680229002 Thrissur (Trichur) Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Delma Complex, Opp. Co-Operative Hospital, Shornur Road, Thrissur. 680001
ICIC0001187 680229004 Thrissur-2-Kerala Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Icici Bank Ltd, West Fort Tower, West Fort Junction, Civil Lane Road, Thrissur - 680004, Thrissur Dist, Kerala.
UTIB0000046 680211002 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
City Centre, Xxv/1130 Round West
SBIN0000940 680002002 Thrissur Thrissur Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
Dharmodayam Bldg, Round East, Trissur - 680001
HDFC0000057 680240002 Trichur-Palace Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
First Floor, Kalliath Royal Square,Palace roadtrichurkerala680020
HDFC0000670 680240006 Trichur-M G Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Building No 20/457/2 & 3 Global Center, M G Road Trichur Kerala 680004
HDFC0001259 680240007 Sudharsha Towers Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Shornur Roadshornur Roadthrissur
HDFC0001552 680240008 Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Ground Floor Sneha Complexmachingal Lane Mg Raodthrissur
SBIN0007479 680002003 Sib Thrissur Thrissur Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
SBIN0008594 680002035 Arthat Thrissur Alappuzha Kerala
Guruvayur Rd Arthat Thrissur Kerala
SBIN0008602 680002051 Chalakudy Town-Thrissur Thrissur Bijapur Karnataka
P.B.No.29,Vellanikarens Bldgs Door No.Xiii By 601,Chalakudy,Thrissur
SBIN0008636 680002006 Kuriachira Thrissur Kozhikode Kerala
Sanjose Bldgs, 61bh By Xi, Kuriachira, Thrissur, Kerala, Pin 680006
SBIN0008639 688002011 South Kuthiathode Thrissur Alappuzha Kerala
Chirammel Building P.B.No.2 Alleppey Alapuza Kerala
SBIN0008679 680002005 Thrissur Town Thrissur Malappuram Kerala
SBIN0008693 680002007 Vilangan Thrissur Pathanamthitta Kerala
Bldg No V By 12 E Opp Amala Cancer Hosp Adat Gram Panchayat Amala Ngr Thrissur Kerala
SBIN0009121 680002004 East Fort-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
5 414,1st Flr, Chaldean Syrian ,Church Bldg,East Fort,Thrissur Pin - 680005
SBIN0010211 680002101 Rasmecc-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Dist Thrissur State Kerala
SBIN0010566 680002009 Kerala Police Academy-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Ramavarmapuram Po , Thrissur, Kerala 680631
SBIN0010767 680002001 Ccpc-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
SBIN0011930 680002012 Kuttanallur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
8 By 33 By 16,Vincent Towers,Kuttanallur Junction,Kuttanallur P O,Distthrissur 680014
SBIN0012317 680002047 Mapranam Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Porathissery Panchayat,Pomadayikkonam,Thrissur,Distthrissur
SBIN0012892 581002349 Sakthan Nagar Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Pratab Sing Building,1st Floor,Trichur District,Disttrichur 680001
SBIN0013830 NA Rcpc-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Regional Business Office,Bharathakshemam Bldgs, St. Thomas College Road,Thrissur- 680005, Kerala
SBIN0014466 NA Nri Branch-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
2nd Floor, Pooma Complex, M.G. Road, Thrissur - 680001
SBIN0014682 NA Medical University Branch (Kuhas Campus) Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Kerala University Of Health & Allied Sciences Campus ,Medical College Po,Thrissur District - 680596
SBIN0014922 NA Rbo Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Regional Business Office, Thrissur, Bharathakshemam Building,St.Thomas College Road, East Fort,Thrissur, Dist:Thrissur-680005
PUNB0258700 680024015 Vanniampara Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Vaniampara , Distt. Thrissur, Kerala 680652
PUNB0331400 680024002 Palace Road-Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Maramerkau Devasom Building, Palace Road, Trichur, Kerala - 600020
PUNB0428900 680024252 Karuppadanna Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Po Karupadanna, Block Vellangallur Ward No 17, Pallinada Mukandapuram Kerala 680670
PUNB0435700 680024000 Kuruppam Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No.8, Kuruppam Road, Thrissur, Kerala
BKID0008550 680013002 Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Trichur,Korappath Buildings,29/128(9) & 10,Trissur,680001,Kerala
BKID0008556 680013003 West Fort Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
West Fort,P.B.No.801,M.G.Road, Thrissur,Trissur,680004,Kerala
CBIN0280966 680016002 Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Domodar Sons Complex P.B. No.41,Round West Trichur 680001
BARB0MANNUT 680012007 Mannuthy-Kerala Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
X/778/8,Atlas Building,1st Floor,Market Road,Mannuthy Junction,District-Thrissur,Kerala-680651
BARB0TRICHU 680012002 Trichur Branch Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Trichur Branch,Post.Box.No.44;Xxvii/64/16;Park House;1 St Floor,Swaraj Round.Trichur,680001
CNRB0001001 680015253 Konathu Kunnu Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Jaya Geetha Buildings, 5/528/3, Konathukunnu 680123,
CNRB0001562 680015103 Padoor Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Kulangarakath, Padoor, Trichur Dist, Kearala - Pin 680 524
CNRB0002685 NA Pazhuvil Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
D.No.552, 552a, 552b;, Perumadan Shopping Complex, Pazhuvil , Thrissur Dist, Kerala - 680 564
CNRB0002789 680015006 Pukunnam-Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Bldg No.31/23, R No.7,9,10&11, West Fort (Opp.Omega Mosaic, House), Punkunnam, T H R I S S U R- 680002
CNRB0002922 680015012 Mannuthy-Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Ebenezar Shopping Complex, Post Office Road, Mannuthy- Trichur Dist, Kerala - 680 651
CNRB0002940 680015013 Trichur Poochatty Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
No:1/509, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Poochatty, Eravimangalam, Trichur Dist, Kerala-680751
UBIN0561592 680026001 Regional Office Kozhikode Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
1st Floor Kshb Complexchakkorathukulam
UCBA0000875 680028002 Trichur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Trichur Branch Swaraj Round, C-24/955, High Road, Trichur - 680 001, Kerala.
IDIB000M045 680019006 M O Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No.26, 11/113 Bejes Complex, Post Office Road, Thrissur Pin 680001
IDIB000T054 680019005 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P B No. 12 K D S Building Swaraj Round East Thrissur Kerala 680001
MAHB0001248 680014002 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Convent Road Thrissur -880020 Kerala
CSBK0000030 NA Kandassankadavu Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Main Road, Kandassankadavu - 680613, Thrissur District
CSBK0000039 680047005 R S Road Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No. 139, Railway Station Road, Thrissur - 680001, Kerala
CSBK0000055 680047007 Kuttanallur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
7/450 A, M.M. Brothers Building, P.O. Anchery, Kuttanellur - 680006, Thrissur District, Kerala
CSBK0000066 NA Marathakkara Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No. 51, Marathakkara - 680320, Thrissur District, Kerala
CSBK0000094 680047002 Thrissur Main Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No.7, Round South, Thrissur - 680001,Kerala
CSBK0000129 NA Thalikulam Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Hayadaria Building, P.O. Thalikulam, Thrissur - 680569, Kerala
CSBK0000185 680047003 M O Road Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Door No. Xxv/46, P.B. No. 132, M.O. Road, Thrissur - 680001, Kerala
CSBK0000225 NA Avanoor Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Ii/248, Avanoor - 680547, (Via) Mundur, Thrissur District
CSBK0000227 680047004 West Fort-Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No. 805, M.G. Road, West Fort, Thrissur - 680004, Kerala
CSBK0000231 680047006 College Road Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B. No.502, "College View", Head Office Building, St. Mary'S College Road, Thrissur - 680020, Kerala
CSBK0000237 680047000 Thrissur Nri Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Csb Bhavan', St. Mary'S College Road, Thrissur - 680020
CSBK0000275 680047009 Aranattukara Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
St. Thomas Church Shopping Complex, Big Bazar, Arannattukara, Thrissur - 680618, Kerala
CSBK0000280 680047001 Thrissur Service Br Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Po Box No 250, Main Branch Premises, Round South, Thrissur - 680001
CSBK0000299 680047012 East Fort Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
C.M.K. Complex, Palakkad Main Road, East Fort, Thrissur - 680005, Kerala
CSBK0000309 680047013 Thalore Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Infant Jesus Monastry Complex, P.O. Thalore, Thrissur - 680306
CSBK0000311 680047014 Mannuthy Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
St. Antony'S Church Building, P.O. Mannuthy - 680651, Thrissur District, Kerala
CSBK0000326 680047017 Kanattukara Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Sree Kerala Varma College, Kanattukara, Thrissur - 680011
FDRL0000509 680049001 Thrissur-Service Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Service Branch, Door No.28/637, Anjali Commercial Complex, Round North, Thrissur, 680 001, Kerala
FDRL0001014 680049002 Thrissur-Main Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Anjali Complex, Round North, Main Branch, Thrissur, 680 001, Kerala
FDRL0001280 680049003 Thrissur-S. T. Nagar Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Federal Towers, S T Nagar, T B Road, Mission Quarters, Thrissur, 680 001, Kerala
FDRL0001368 680049006 Thrissur-M.O. Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
M O Road Branch, Jai Hind Market Building, M O Road, Thrissur, 680 001, Kerala
FDRL0001517 680049015 Moonnupeedika Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Kaipamangalam Medical Centre, Moonnupeedika, Kaipamangalam P.O, Thrissur, 680681, Kerala
FDRL0001543 676049803 Puthanathani Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Taufeeque Towers, Nh 17, Punnathala, Puthanathani(P.O), , 676 552, Kerala
SIBL0000030 680059022 Kandassankadavu Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Kandassankadavu Branch, Church Shoppig Complex, Ix/580 ,Kandassankadavu , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680613
SIBL0000031 680059021 Kanjany Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Kanjany Branch,Main Road ,Kanjany , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680612
SIBL0000049 NA Mathilakam Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Mathilakam Branch, 5/422 A , St:Josephs Latin Church Bldg:, Pallivalavu , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680685
SIBL0000084 680059002 Thrissur Main Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur Main Branch,Xxv/2149,Round South ,Thrissur, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000085 680059003 Thrissur Bazar Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur Bazar Branch,Municipal Office Road , Thrissur , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000086 680059005 Thrissur High Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur High Road Branch,Tc/18//2494 ,V.V Ibrahim Building,High Road , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000087 680059004 Thrissur West Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur West Branch,Ambika Arcade ,M.G Road,Thrissur, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000102 NA Karanchira Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Karanchira Branch, 3/173,Karanchira, Trichur Dist:, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680702
SIBL0000150 680059153 Perambra Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Perambra Branch, Paliakara Building , , Opposite Apollo Tyres, Main Road, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680689
SIBL0000162 NA Puvathur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Puvathur Branch, Ix/465 ,Enamavu - Chavakkad Road,Puvathur, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680508
SIBL0000184 680059011 Nehru Nagar (Thrissur) Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Nehru Nagar (Thrissur) Branch, 1st Floor,Shopping Centre Complex ,Nehru Nagar , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680006
SIBL0000299 680059006 Thrissur Mission Quarters Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur Mission Quarters Branch, Opp. All Saints Church ,Main Road ,Mission Quarters, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000346 680059014 Thrissur (Nri) Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur (Nri) Branch,Alka Building (1st Floor) ,Round North ,Thrissur, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000368 680059013 Thrissur East Fort Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur East Fort Branch, St. John'S Arcade, Eastern Endof, Ikkanda Warrierroad East Fort, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680005
SIBL0000375 680059205 Mapranam Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Mapranam Branch, Opp. Lal Memorial Hospital ,Main Road ,Mapranam, Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680712
SIBL0000376 680059007 Thrissur Round North Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Thrissur Round North Branch, Round North Branch ,Alka Building ,First Floor , Thrissur , Kerala, Pin-680001
SIBL0000437 680059020 Eravu Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Eravu Branch, St;Josephs Education Complex , Eravu P.O. , Trichur, Kerala, Pin-680620
SIBL0000462 680059016 Amala Nagar (Thrissur) Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Amala Nagar (Thrissur) Branch, Amalanagar P.O, Thrissur, 680555
SIBL0000488 680059017 Koorkenchery Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
I Floor, Latheef,Building,Koorkenchery,Thrissur,Kerala
SIBL0000490 NA Chengaloor Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
St Marys High School,Chengaloor,Thrissur,Kerala
SIBL0000513 680059023 West Fort Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Kanjany Road,West Fort, Thrissur
SIBL0000544 680059014 Punkunnam Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Door No-32/198, Sitharam Mill Road, Punkunnam,Thrissur,Kerala
SIBL0000589 680059081 Paravattani Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Mar Addai Sleeha Church Complex Parvattani Thrissur 680005
IBKL0000269 680259002 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Emmatty Towersst.Thomas College Roadeast Fort P.O.thrissurkerala680005
IOBA0000208 680020002 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
28/640 & 644;Kollanur;Palace Road;Thrissur;680020
KVBL0001507 680053002 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
P.B.No 171 No. 25/1530 Smis Complex,Kuruppam Road,Thrissur-680001
INDB0000180 680234002 Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Hotel Palace Tower,North Bus Stand, 'Thrissur - 680 020
LAVB0000744 680056002 Thrissoor Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Xxvii/476, 1st Floor Pottekkatt Buildings Round Eastthrissur - 680 001thrissur Dt. Kerala
DLXB0000001 680048002 Thrissur Main Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Naickanal Junction The Round Thrissur
DLXB0000004 680048004 Thrissur-Pushpagiri Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Ground Floor Dhanalakshmi Complex, Dhanalakshmi Buildings Punkunnam,Thrissur
DLXB0000009 680048005 Thrissur-High Road Thrissur Thrissur Kerala
Xxv/1103 High Road, Thrissur
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